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Licensed Commercial Broker No. 14

The Commercial Broker is a legal figure created in Mexico to provide businessmen and merchants with most of the essential and practical services required in their activities, supplying the assistance needed to facilitate and expedite business growth and expansion. The role of a Licensed Commercial Broker is specialized, he/she is a legal figure created by the Federal Government to provide an efficient tool for business development.

A Licensed Commercial Broker is first of all an attorney who has been granted legal powers of certification by the Federal Government through the Department of Economy, based on his or her area of expertise and specialization. The Licensed Commercial Broker is bound to confidentiality and a rigid code of ethics by law, regardless of the size or characteristics of an operation.

The powers conferred upon a Licensed Commercial Broker include:

--    Administer legal oaths for all types of business acts such as company constitutions, their duration and activities, business agreements, contracts, and all matters related to credit documents and securities.
--    Perform all types of appraisals regardless of the nature of property or entitlements under appraisal. The broker is also specifically authorized to perform appraisals for tax purposes.
--    Act as Arbitrator in the resolution of business controversies arising between individuals or companies.
--    Furthermore, we use our experience and specialized knowledge to advise clients, while providing them with clear legal options best suited to their needs.

Our expertise, competence and alliances enable us to supply a broad range of solutions. As  a Licensed Commercial Broker we can help startups and established businesses alike to deal with complex customs and foreign commerce regulations, government incentives, stock financing, and the handling of federal, state or local formalities.